NCS is providing an amazing resource for you and your family. We have purchased the rights to RightNowMedia.com for each of you. RightNow Media is considered the “Netflix of Video Bible Studies.” The program will provide access to over 14,000 Christian videos to be used however you wish. The videos are for all ages and cover hundreds of topics that you are sure to find encouraging and helpful for your daily life.

As you know, part of our mission at NCS is to encourage students to “Grow in Knowledge and Wisdom.” I have no doubt this new resource will challenge our students to grow and mature in their faith. Our teachers are excited about incorporating the videos into their classroom instruction. The videos will be used to enhance instruction in our Bible classes as well as all content areas in all grade levels. The content of these videos will be an incredible asset to our curriculum.

You may sign up for this great opportunity by clicking the following link:


Another added benefit is that once you accept your invitation, you can invite all your friends and family to use the resource. I hope this will be a huge blessing to you, your family, and anyone else you would like to invite.

It is my desire for NCS to walk beside you as a parent to encourage and challenge your children to reach their God-given potential. I hope this effort will assist you. As always, please let me know how I can serve you.

Jim Ferguson, Head of School