Northpoint Christian School students are now familiarizing themselves with another device as part of the technology mix to enhance instruction and learning at NCS. Thirty Chromebooks, a faster- usually smaller- laptop running the Google Chrome operating system with built-in virus protection, have been placed in elementary and high school classrooms. The Chromebook offers students the opportunity to work on papers, projects, Accelerated Reader, IXL Math, and other web-based instructional tools and Web 2.0 programs with the added benefits of longer battery life and fast start-up times.

Our students are now exposed to a variety of technology devices and tools at school- iPads, laptops, and now Chromebooks- enabling them to be more technologically literate in preparation for college and beyond. Over the next few weeks, administrators, the IT Department, and the Technology Committee will be gathering feedback from teachers and students about their experience with Chromebooks in order to make informed decisions about future technology device purchases.