More Chromebooks

Early in the 2015-2016 school year, the NCS Technology Department deployed 30 Chromebooks to all elementary classrooms and several high school classrooms. Based on positive teacher and student feedback, the school is now supplying one Chromebook cart of 30 devices per grade for 1st-8th grades. Teachers in each grade will work together to manage the use of the Chromebooks to maximize instructional impact and student engagement.

Chromebooks have now surpassed Apple products as the number one item shipped to schools in the United States. Their popularity is fueled by affordability, ease of support, and the accompanying Google Apps for Education suite that makes technology integration more seamless and efficient than ever before.

At Northpoint Christian School, we believe that adding Chromebooks to our mix of student technology devices will be of great service to students both now and in the future. Google Apps for Education’s integration with Chromebooks allows students to become proficient in the use of productivity and creation tools embedded in the device while also having access to web-based tools and services deemed appropriate for education.chromebook8th