21st Century Education

What is 21st Century Education?

Northpoint Christian School is living out its purpose everyday by providing an extraordinary learning environment in partnership with our Christian families; teaching and encouraging our students to serve Christ in all they do in order to impact their culture in which they live.

At the heart of 21st Century Christian education it is our belief that every child have the powerful tools available through technology. This makes learning relevant and centered on his or her individual needs and learning style. It will prepare them as critical thinkers, creative in their work and thoroughly ready for 21st Century employment and leadership roles.

Furthermore we incorporate numerous themes and elements from mainstream educational best practices and blend them with our core Christian values and beliefs. You all may have heard these terms but have not really known what they mean. The following skills are listed below with a short description.

They include:
Information Literacy
Appropriate applied research to any given challenge. The ability to find useful and reliable information.
Creativity & Innovation
Exploration of imagination. Refining and improving original ideas.
Working together to share, advocate, and compromise on issues critical to teams success.
Problem Solving
Experimentation of new and familiar concepts while processing information until a viable solution is reached.
The ability to properly read, write, present, and comprehend ideas between a variety of mediums and audiences.
Responsible Citizenship
Demonstration of proper technology use, global awareness, and moral capacity in and outside of the classroom.

We realize the importance of digital learning with our Preschool through 6th Grade students. Because of this, digital, interactive SMARTBoards and E-Beams are being used in the classroom. IPads, Laptops & Chromebooks are being used as mobile devices. It is exciting to watch these students become engaged using these digital tools.

Because of the high demand we are in the process of ordering a Chromebook Cart to be shared among elementary classrooms.

Junior/Senior High
Junior/Senior High students are allowed and encouraged to bring their own device to use at school for educational purposes. Students use their mobile devices daily to complete classroom assignments, homework, and research projects. Students and teachers are using Google apps for Education and are able to communicate and transfer work back and forth 24/7. In addition students and teachers have access to a high school lab, IPad cart, and two laptop carts for classroom projects.