Spiritual Life Snapshot

Dear NCS Family,

This year, we will be sending home a weekly email to keep you better informed about what is going on from a Spiritual Life standpoint at NCS. This email will summarize what happened in Chapel each week and give you a preview of upcoming Spiritual Life events. Our goal is to give you information so you can pray for what’s happening, and provide you an opportunity to possibly discuss these things with your student. Future weekly emails will be shorter, I promise!

In our first chapel of the year, we introduced a new logo for our discipleship emphasis at Northpoint. After praying and thinking for several months, we feel like we should focus on just a few of the most important spiritual disciplines. We kept coming back to four. As we thought about how to organize these in a meaningful way, “The Compass” took shape. (See the above image/logo).

Four of the basic spiritual disciplines of the Christian life are: Bible intake, prayer, gathering with other believers, and taking the Gospel to others through sharing and serving. The Compass was created to visually represent these four disciplines. On the vertical axis are: Prayer and Scripture , which focus on our vertical relationship with God. Through prayer we speak to God; through His Scriptures, He speaks to us. The greatest command is to love God, and we grow that love relationship by spending time with Him in prayer and the Scriptures.

The two disciplines on the horizontal axis pertain to our horizontal relationships with others. Gathering, refers to the practice of assembling with other believers regularly. Through a local church, we unite with other Jesus-followers for worship, accountability, support, and instruction. God uses these relationships to grow us spiritually. Missions, refers to our relationship to those who don’t know Christ as Lord. By sharing our faith and serving out of love, we join what God is doing, building His kingdom, fulfilling the second greatest command to love others.

All four disciplines are vital to spiritual growth and are interconnected with each other, as indicated by the “in between” directional arrows. Scripture commands us to gather and is a vital part of a church service. Similarly, prayer should permeate times of gathering and allows for a special time to pray with other believers. Scripture also commands and directs our service and mission, while prayer fuels and empowers our serving and sharing.

Finally, at the center of the compass is the cross. More than a mere symbol or icon, the cross represents the work of Jesus on our behalf that makes all the disciplines possible and fills them with meaning. Without Jesus’ death, we are still far off from God and without hope.

Though there is more to the Christian life than these four disciplines, these are the foundations. Without them, nothing more can be built. We can do more than these, but we can’t do more until we are doing these.

Other News:
We are also starting a new practice of allowing our students to discuss and process what they heard in chapel with other students and with a teacher. We are taking the first 10-15 minutes out of 5 th period on days we have chapel to discuss what was said. Here are some of the questions that were used today to spark discussion:
· What are the four parts of the Compass?
· What are some other spiritual disciplines that aren’t one of these four?
· Are any of them more important than these four or are these the most foundational? Why?
· Do you think people make Christianity too complicated, or do you think they make it too simple? Why?
· Which one of these four spiritual disciplines do you think we as individuals don’t stress enough? Why don’t we?
· Which one do you think we as a school need to focus more on?
· In our vertical relationship with God, we are focusing on prayer and Scripture. Prayer was described as “us talking to God” and scripture as “God talking to us.” What do you think about that? Is that too simplistic or a pretty accurate way of thinking about those two disciplines.
· This logo and discipleship focus is one way NCS is trying to organize to help students grow spiritually. What are some other things you think the school could do help you grow spiritually?
· What are some ideas you have on how to use this logo? Where should it be put? What kind of merchandise would you like to see it on?

Prayer Ministry:
We are also starting a new prayer ministry. By simply emailing prayer@ncstrojans.com, anyone can submit a prayer request, allowing our school administration to pray for and with you. We are excited to partner with you in this way!

Upcoming Events:
Last year we started student Bible study groups called Table Talk. This year we are revamping these groups, calling them COMPASS, and expanding their focus. Students are invited to meet each Thursday (starting 8/22/19) during lunch. During this time, we will discuss passages that we have all read in the past week (a calendar of passages will be distributed). We will share how we are gathering, doing missions, and what God is teaching us through prayer and our time in the Scripture. It is laid-back and we always have a dessert. Everyone is welcome, so encourage your student to attend.

8/21 No Chapel; Who’s Who and Homecoming Elections and Club Sign-ups
8/22 COMPASS kicks off
8/28 Mr. Ferguson will be speaking in Chapel
9/4 Senior Chapel
9/10-12 “Made for More” –Spiritual Emphasis Week


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