Pre-Purchase 2018-2019 School Supplies for PK-6th Grades


Do not miss out on the opportunity to pre-purchase the school supplies for next fall. Avoid traveling to several stores and still wondering if it is the correct item on the list. Avoid crowds and fighting for the supplies.

Orders should be placed online through your 2018-2019 SMART Tuition account. Open your account and make sure you choose the 2018-2019 account. Click on “Purchase Optional Items” and select your student. You may choose multiple students and pay at the end.

Payment MUST BE included with order through your SMART account. Mississippi Sales Tax has been included. Only pre-paid orders will be accepted. You may purchase more than one grade level in one transaction.

The deadline for orders is Friday, June 8, 2018. The “School Supply Box” will be in your student’s classroom on the first day of school, August 9, 2018. This is the ONLY time these bags may be ordered. The complete school supply box will not be available in the fall. Some hard to find items will be available from the NCS bookstore. If you have any questions you may call Sheila Sheron at 662.349.5127.

2018/2019 GRADE and TOTAL COST (sales tax included)

Pre-Kindergarten $ 88.00

Jr. Kindergarten $ 72.00

Sr. Kindergarten $ 115.00

PRE-FIRST $ 89.00

1ST $ 98.00

2ND $ 102.00

3RD $ 105.00

4TH $ 96.00

5TH $ 100.00

6TH $ 110.00

REACH 1-2 $ 67.00

REACH 3 $ 105.00

REACH 4 $ 93.00

REACH 5 $ 92.00

REACH 6 $ 94.00

Our teachers loves this because it is just what they want in the classroom!

Supply Lists for PK – 6th Grade
Click on the Link to view the supply lists by grade level.
This would be the list for you to shop by if you do not pre-order the supplies.

PK and JK
SK and PRE 1
1st and 2nd grades
3rd and 4th grades
5th and 6th Grades
REACH 1-2 and 3
REACH 4 and 5 and 6

Please note: No rolling backpacks allowed!!!