Online “Parenting Teens Summit” Offered to NCS Parents

Access to a free, online “Parenting Teens Summit” offered to NCS Parents January 8-22

Does it seem like our culture is changing every day? Teens and pre-teens face tremendous pressure from social media, peers, and even family members. Our
parents, teachers, and faith leaders play a significant role in shaping the faith of our children into the future.

Students, teachers and parents will remember the group from Axis that came and spoke on Technology and on Faith last fall at our school

NCS is excited to announce this same group will offer to parents, teachers, and students a free, online parenting workshop.

The dates for the online workshop to be accessed is from January 8th through January 22nd.

The workshop is designed to help parents and teachers of teenagers. Over 50 different Christian authors and thoughts leaders are ready to share their unique insight with those who watch/listen. Featured speakers include Dr. James Dobson, Dr. Juli Slattery, Dr. Paul David Tripp, Craig Gross, Kimm Carr, Craig Groeschel, and Dr. Kathy Koch, among others.

Parents can access the online speakers through this link: