Sixth Grade Retreat to Victory Ranch

The sixth grade class made their annual trek to Victory Ranch in Whiteville, TN. Even though the weather was chilly and windy, the 71 students and their chaperones had an amazing time playing dodgeball and zip-lining into the lake. They also attempted the “Leap of Faith” challenge, where each person climbed to the top of a pole, stood on it, turned and jumped, grabbing onto a trapeze bar. It was difficult, but several students and Mrs. Peterson were successful and caught the trapeze bar! That evening, the class was challenged by Mr. Belue to be a class that is known as a caring class that obeys God’s Word. They also had hilarious entertainment by the administration and teachers. Students rotated to three spots, the Superman Swing, Laser tag, and the rock climbing wall with a bungee zip-line. After lunch, they headed home with many stories to tell their parents of pranks, new nicknames for students, and private jokes that they will remember well past senior year.