Instead a hosting a book fair this year, the elementary library is offering two opportunities to raise money for library needs and the Reading Garden. Each will be offered through September 27th.

BOOKING IT is an opportunity to donate a new book to the library in honor or memory of a special person or to mark your child’s birthday. Books are available for $20 in the library and a name plate will be placed in each book.

READING ROCKS is an opportunity to help complete the rock path in the new reading garden. Rocks are available in the library. Families will take the rocks home to paint following the directions provided. Return the painted rocks to be placed in the garden. Rocks are available 4 for $20. High school students are welcome to paint rocks too.

The Reading Garden Pathway is ready to fill with beautifully and creatively painted rocks.



Mrs. Saunders will be in front of the Elementary Library on Elementary Parent Night, August 5, selling the rocks to paint along with the “Bookin It” opportunity to purchase books for the library. You may also purchase the rocks in the Elementary Library.

Thank you to Samuel Quon and crew who took on the project of preparing the pathway as his Eagle Scout project. He solicited help from friends and prepared an awesome path to fill with the painted rocks. We need lots and lots of painted rocks to complete this update!

Funds raised will be used to further the reading garden. We would like to purchase the following items:
Seats will be installed
  • 2 more picnic tables like those in the garden to provide seating for an entire class
  • 4 umbrellas for picnic tables
  • Wooden bench seating in front of the dock
  • Potting soil for the 2 raised beds
  • Plants for the botanic area
  • Monkey grass around the dock
  • 2 flowering bushes to attract butterflies and humming birds
Volunteers are welcome to help work as we add new items to the reading garden!!!