The cost is $ 50 each. There are no additional discounts.

We are asking that all purchases be made through this online order center, NOT SMART TUITION ACCOUNT.

We will only purchase the number of yearbooks that are ordered during this time so WE WILL NOT have extras at delivery in May. This is the only opportunity to order the yearbook.

It is easy to place your order with a credit or debit card. Simply log on to the secure website then follow instructions below:

  • www.yearbookordercenter.com 
  • Enter school order number: 1215
  • Hit Enter
  • Hit Continue
  • Buy a Yearbook
  • Select Quantity – you may purchase for multiple students
  • Click on Buy these items
  • Click on Student and enter student’s name and then search- if ordering multiple books you will have the opportunity to choose each student separately by clicking on Student again. If you ordered multiple books this will automatically pop up for you to choose the additional student.
  • Choose correct student name
  • Done
  • Next
  • Checkout
  • Enter billing information (no tax or shipping will be added)
  • Review Order
  • Submit order
  • You will receive a confirmation number and you will be sent a confirmation email.

Yearbooks will arrive in May. There will be NO extra yearbooks. Please order now.

If you have any questions please contact Sheila Sheron at
ssheron@ncstrojans.com or call 662.349.5127.




Below you will find a link you will use to view your student’s photos.
Stroud Photography will be offering the unlimited digital download option for the 2018-2019 school year again. This year it WILL include all of the athletic pictures, school days, class pictures and spring pictures that your students are in as well!   The unlimited digital download includes a digital download of every image taken of your student this school year including group photos. If you want to take advantage of this offer you must order it first in order to get your coupon code for all of the digital downloads.  Once you place your order you will get your coupon code and instructions on how to get your downloads. It may take a day or so to receive the coupon. You may then choose your photos. The parents are responsible to get them printed.
Here is a link to that special digital download option:
If you want to order the actual pictures to be printed from Stroud you would choose a package:
  • Click on the link below and choose School Days or Athletics.
  • Chose grade level (-2 is PK; -1 is JK, 0 is SK)
  • Students are in alphabetical order. Athletic photos are by sport team. Find your child and click on the picture.
  • Packages are shown on the right. To see what the package includes simply click on the package and view your cart. The package contents are listed in your cart. Simply clear cart in the bottom left below the photo if you do not want that package.
  • You may pay when you have chosen your photos or downloads.
  • When there is a package with photos and a digital download you are getting just that photo on the download.
  • If you just want individual photos you may choose from the sizes listed.
  • Go to your Cart and pay for your order. If ordering actual photos you will receive them in the mail. If you choose the downloads you will receive the links.
Link to school pictures, sports pictures, band, cheer, etc.
If you need the password please email Sheila Sheron. Please include your child’s name. We will only give out the password to parents. Thanks!