Congratulations to Josie Austin Who Was Crowned the 2019 Football Homecoming Queen

Congratulations to all the young ladies who were representatives of their class on the 2019 Football Homecoming Court.

Congratulation to Josie Austin who was crowned the 2019 Football Homecoming Queen.


Senior Representatives: Josie Austin, Olivia Davis, Lauren Robertson, Cassie Teeter and Kinsey Teeter
Junior Representatives: Emily Beckham, Adele Cox and Olivia Holden
Sophomore Representatives: Hadley Carson and Gracie Webby

Queen Josie Austin and senior representatives.
Junior and Sophomore Representatives

The 2018 Football Homecoming Queen, McKinley Baker was on hand to crown the 2019 Homecoming Queen. Zabario Morrison and Hattie Emerson were the crown and sash bearer.