April 23, 2020

Dear Northpoint Family:

Thank you so much for continuing to support our efforts to teach remotely. Your encouragement and positive feedback has been a blessing to our teachers and staff.

Your participation in the parent survey was overall very positive. It was also very informative on many levels. Those of you who raised concerns and struggles, please know, they have been noted. We have addressed some of those issues and will continue to work and improve the remote learning process. We do hope you saw the complete press release and Desoto Times article reporting all the good things happening during NCS’s time of remote learning. We are thankful our school is shining!

Please know we are meeting almost daily to discuss various topics including: health and safety measures for the summer and fall; final grades; graduation; awards’ ceremonies; student council elections; ambassador selections; summer camps; athletics for the summer; and the list continues.

There are many decisions to be made in the next few weeks, and we are making them as quickly as we can. I will be communicating more on all of these topics as the community “opens back up.” As you know, the information with this pandemic changes almost daily and this presents major challenges to the decision making process. We will continue to follow federal, state, and local expectations as we become informed. Thank you for your patience, support, and prayers as we navigate through all these changes and uncertainty.

I do want to communicate on the most critical issues at this time. They are outlined below:

1. Graduation and Baccalaureate:
• We have permission within current guidelines to have graduation on May 9, at 11:00 am. However, the ceremony must be held outside. If guidelines do not change by the first of next week, we are planning to have graduation on the football field on May 9, with social distancing procedures in place. I will share more details about what we are planning with our seniors and their families next week.
• Numerous scholarship awards will be announced at graduation.
• We will not have a Baccalaureate service this year.

2. Summer Camp – We would love to offer Summer Camp! However, there are still too many unknowns, at this time. We operate as a school and not a daycare. Schools are closed. If your family has a need for your children to participate and be a part of Summer Camp, please know, we want to meet your family’s need. We are exploring options on what Summer Camp would look like. We will be in touch in the next couple of weeks to determine what the need is for our families. If we have summer camp, we will not begin until June 1. And if we have it; Summer Camp will look very differently than our traditional camp, and will include the necessary health and safety practices to protect everyone.

3. High School Exams – We will not be administering high school semester exams this year. Important: The second semester average will be determined by averaging the 3rd and 4th nine weeks grades.

4. Athletic Awards’ Day – We will be presenting athletic award virtually. A video will be created and shared to recognize and honor our athletes.

5. Academic Awards’ Day – We will be recognizing students for the academic achievements. Award recipients will be selected and students will receive their awards.

6. High School — Remote Learning Calendar for Final Grades and Assignments for grades 7-11:
• May 6 – Last day for new assignments. There may be reviews, quizzes, tests, projects, etc. due after May 6.
• May 15 – All assignments must be turned in by the students
• May 18 – 22 – A schedule will be followed for students to return to school to turn in books, computers, clean out lockers, etc.

7. Elementary –Remote Learning Calendar for Final Grades and Assignments:
• All assignments must be submitted by May 15.
• May 18 – 22 – A schedule will be followed for students to return to school to turn in books, computers, clean out lockers, etc.

Our theme for the 2019-2020 year has been “Be Positive!” It has been a challenging year in many ways to uphold this expectation. One of our teachers shared the following with me from a recent professional development session she participated in:

The “remote learning season has allowed for collateral or secondary learning and reinforcement of skills with regards to: planning, time management, activation, self-monitoring, flexibility and so many other essential school and life functions.”

I believe this statement is absolutely true. I am confident our administrators, teachers, students, and family members have grown through this entire process. We will be better and stronger because of this “remote” season of learning.

I appreciate each of you!


Jim Ferguson
Head of School
Northpoint Christian School