Remote Learning Expectations

March 18,
Northpoint Family,

Thank you for all the prayers and encouragement you have shown me and our team at Northpoint Christian School as we have continued to navigate these unprecedented conditions caused by COVID-19. You have been very gracious, kind, and supportive through this entire process.

At this time, our plans are to remain closed and teach our students remotely through March 27th. The CDC, Mississippi State Department of Health, and local advisors all recommend extending closures at least for this time period. We are prayerful and hopeful that after two weeks of social distancing, that the number of virus cases will be more manageable. Regardless, we are ready for remote learning.

On Tuesday, I shared my expectations for remote learning with our administrators and teachers. I want to share some of that information with you.
Challenges: We know and understand there are many limitations and challenges associated with remote learning. We have discussed many challenges that you will be facing in this process. I want to assure you that we will be sensitive to all of our students’ needs and will make the best possible decisions. Our decisions, will always be in the best interest of our students. One challenge we have already experienced is with the PowerSchool Learning system. PowerSchool Learning system nationwide is experiencing user overload and running slower than normal. This is a PowerSchool Learning issue due to more users online than ever. The system was taken down nationwide today for maintenance and hopefully, this will improve the speed of the system. Worldwide, most learning management systems are experiencing overloads as more users are remotely learning and remotely working than ever before.

Tone: We will communicate with compassion, peace, and grace in all that we do. We will demonstrate these qualities to help ease the stress of this difficult time.
Time: Our teachers will be giving extended time beyond what is normally expected in completion of assignments. We will remind students of due dates and extend grace when needed. Again, we understand internet and PowerSchool Learning delays. Students must be communicating any delays to their teachers.

Amount of material: The lessons will often, be mini- lessons or even a smaller portion of material than would normally be covered. Our lessons should be manageable.
Importance: We will not be assigning busy work. The lessons and assignments given, will be important. The content we teach will be significant in regards to finishing the course and will be preparation for the next grade level or course. The lessons assigned by faculty will be meaningful.

Teacher availability: Teachers will be available to answer questions as needed. We encourage students to ask questions as often as needed either through email or PowerSchool Learning.
Grades: In order to hold students accountable, our teachers will be taking grades. However, this grading process will look differently than normal due to a different look in the assignments being given. It is important that all assignments be completed in a timely manner. As always, our highest priority is that our students master the content. I trust that grades will take care of themselves.

COMMUNICATION IS KEY! It is imperative that you are receiving updates via PowerSchool Learning on your child’s progress through this time of remote learning. If you are not, please email Our IT team will be working to help you. Please know, we will have more IT demand these first few days and so you may not receive an instant fix.

We need you to help hold your children accountable in the completion of their work. Again, the best way to do this, is by staying informed in receiving updates from teachers through PowerSchool Learning. Please contact the school ASAP if you need help or have additional questions.

Thank you for your trust and confidence that you have placed in myself and our team to lead your children. It is a high calling and I take it very seriously. Let me know how I can help you.

Hope to see you soon,

Jim Ferguson
Head of School
Northpoint Christian School