Senior Kindergarten Studies Hibernation

Our SK students returned to school today to find their classrooms in messes! The teachers and students have been studying bears and hibernation this month. Students brought their favorite bears from home and left them to “hibernate” overnight. Thanks to … read more

Congratulations to the 2018 Basketball Homecoming Court

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE 2018 BASKETBALL HOMECOMING COURT Congratulations to the following young ladies who were chosen to represent their class in the 2018 Basketball Homecoming Court on Friday, February 9th. The court will be introduced and the queen will be … read more

“Move Up Mornings” and Open House

We are having “Move Up Morning” this Thursday morning, January 25 and Open Houses Dates to share as we plan for our 2018-2019 school year. These are opportunities to learn about Northpoint in general, our curriculum and meet some of … read more

Consignment Sale January

Our PTSF Consignment Store has moved!!!! We are now in the main building close to the church offices. We will have signs posted to make us easy to find. Make sure you stop at security to sign in and get … read more

Third Graders Give Christmas Away

Mrs. Gibson and Mrs. Brown’s classes of 3rd graders decided to “give Christmas away”. Instead of doing $5.00 gift exchanges for each other, they pooled their money and purchased gifts for children who attend Sunday school through Candlelight Ministries. They … read more

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Preschool and elementary classrooms have been having class parties all week. And while much fun and games happen, (even reindeer games), all our parties share one thing….a “happy birthday Jesus” song and cupcake. A special cupcake is made and shared … read more

7th Grade Computer Designs Google Logos

Mrs. Hutcherson’s 7th grade computer class spent yesterday and today working on designing Google logos as they participated in the #hourofcode during “Computer Science Education Week”.