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New Look for High School Library

Stephanie Saurenman is the new high school librarian. She is in her sixteenth year as an educator. She is new to the high school, but not new to Northpoint as she previously served five years as a fourth grade teacher. Prior to coming to NCS she served as a language arts teacher for three years, and as a middle school librarian for six years. She holds a bachelor’s degree and masters degree from the University of Mississippi.

Saurenman is excited to return to the library as she loves to read. She hopes her high school kids will love to read for fun, not just to learn. She has created a new look in the library. Saurenman says, “I want kids to feel this is a welcoming, and inviting place to gather for teachers and students. I want to be involved with them day-to-day, and build relationships.”

Saurenman spent time before school started to update the library with new pictures, decorations, new chairs, and sofa arrangement. It now has a “coffee shop feel”, and students should feel comfortable and welcome. Saurenman has a wall above couches where kids who travel on missions can bring pictures from their trips and place a pin in the spot where they traveled in the U.S. or abroad. (She is currently collecting pictures, so if students or teachers have a picture, please bring those in to her.)

The library has a computer lab that is open before school, to students. The computers, research materials, and books are used by teachers and students as they work to find resources for papers. The library is used to house multiple study hall classes during each day of the week. Saurenman hopes the kids in study hall will want to read while there. Saurernman is hoping to continue and add new, or more current books and authors to the library.

If you haven’t checked out the library yet, please do! And feel free to check out a book too!