Congratulations to Sammy Lee!

Congratulations to senior Sammy Lee for winning the ”CrewUp Jury Award”, at the 2019 Indie Memphis Youth Film Fest on 9/7/19, held at The Halloran Center. His film went up against nine other films competing for the top award in this category. Lee’s winning film will now go on to be shown at the Indie Film Fest October30-November 4.

Lee worked with two other students (one from St. George’s and one from Christian Brothers), in writing, producing, directing, and editing the film. He used several NCS students to act in the film.

Lee’s film, ”We’re Fine,” is about today’s teenagers struggling with anxiety. He says, “Really, all teenagers deal with anxiety in some form, and so I based the film off pressures and anxieties we deal with. We typically hide our anxieties; not wanting anyone to see our insecurities or the things we are dealing with, instead of being honest, owning our struggles, and sharing our anxieties with others.”

The 2019 @indiememphisyouth Film Festival gives high school students with an interest in movies a chance to experience local and national student films on the big screen. It also gives students a chance to work with film professionals and connect with other students interested in filmmaking. Bluff City Law actress, Caitlin McGee, was the headline speaker at the Indie Memphis Youth Film Fest and Lee had his picture taken with her on the red carpet.

Lee is a second-year student in Bryce Dickerson’s video production class at NCS. Lee says the things he has learned in the class last year are what gave him the confidence he needed to write, produce, and submit his film for this competition.