Brand Standards

The Northpoint Christian School name and logo (its brand) is new to the public, the schools in our conference, and to our families. Currently, we have changed our name to Northpoint Christian School on some of our athletic uniforms and changed our brand on some school wear, badges, letterhead, envelopes, and sign. We plan to change the brand on our displays, and other items.

As we develop more clothing and articles like trophies, license plates, glass wear, and other items and different ways to use the brand, we must insure the brand looks the same with everything on which it appears.

To show the extent to which companies protect their brand, let me mention two specific examples, Ford Motor Company and Coca Cola Bottling Company. Ford always displays its logo in a particular color of blue or white and written in an exact font. On the other hand, the Coca Cola Bottling Company uses a specific shade of red, a white sweeping design, and a unique script for its name. Because these corporate brands always look the same on different products, the consumer trusts that the company made the product and it is a quality made product. For the power of other brands, think of McDonalds restaurants or the swoosh of NIKE. These four companies spend a great deal of money to protect any unauthorized use of their brands.

Like those examples, Northpoint Christian School has specific brand colors, fonts, and arrangements of our logo elements. We want everyone to know that when they see our brand, it reflects the excellence of the school. Therefore, the appearance of the brand must be consistent.

To insure the Northpoint Christian School brand would look the same or be in a similar format wherever it appeared, we created a book of brand standards for an academic and an athletic brand that consists of the logo, font, and arrangement with the name of the school. We have distributed the written brand standards to coaches, sponsors, and different suppliers of school and casual wear. If someone creates any article of clothing, he or she must create that clothing in compliance with the brand standards.

The people who have responsibility to protect the appearance of the brand by approving its use are Lynn Fox ( and Barry Gray ( Before anyone produces an article of clothing or any other item, he or she should secure the approval of the proposed brand design.

Please join us as we develop an awareness of the Northpoint Christian School brand in our community, with other schools, and with our families through wearing brand-approved clothing and using brand-approved items.