Standardized Dress

I Corinthians 10:31 tells us to do “all to the glory of God.”  In today’s society, this command has special reference to the fact that God may be honored or dishonored by our personal dress and grooming. In dress, as well as doctrine, the Christian is to “Test all things, hold fast what is good, abstain from every form of evil.” (1 Thessalonians 5:21,22) The Christian is to have regard for things that are “pure…of good report…of virtue…and praise.”

(Philippians 4:8)

We believe that these commands have a practical application to the dress and grooming of students. That is, a student’s personal dress and grooming should not bring unnecessary attention to him or her.

ElementaryTherefore, Northpoint Christian School students in grades Pre-kindergarten through 12 are required to wear clothing purchased from Dennis School Uniforms. This includes all tops, shirts, blouses, pants***, shorts*** and skirts and outerwear. Please visit the the Dennis School Uniform Brochure for clothing specifics. The school code is MTNPCS. You may also visit their store at 7846 Trinity Road, Suite 111, Cordova, TN 38018. Their phone number is 901.522.6652 or 800.854.6951.

***Beginning in the fall of 2019, boys shorts and pants may be purchased at other vendors. The pants and shorts must be uniform style, plain or pleated front in khaki or navy. No cargo shorts or pants, no athletic shorts or pants, no jean shorts. Collared shirts must be purchased from Dennis Uniform or the NCS Consignment Store.

ImpoHigh Schoolrtantly, you may see a more complete explanation of the school dress code in the PK Handbook 2019, JK Handbook 2019, SK Handbook 2019,  2019-2020 Elementary Handbook and 2019-2020 HIgh School Handbook


The PTSF offers a Uniform Consignment Store where parents may purchase slightly used uniforms and sell uniforms.

During the school year, there will be special dress days (i.e. homecoming, field trips, etc.). All students who participate in that day are expected to dress within the guidelines set forth for these days and should adhere to the spirit of the dress code and the philosophy of Northpoint Christian School. In addition to the approved clothing purchased from Dennis School Uniforms, you may wear spirit-wear that is purchased from the Northpoint Christian School Booster Club. Further, certain approved articles of clothing related to a student’s sports team, band, or approved team apparel may be worn. Students in PK, JK and SK are allowed to wear NCS t-shirts sold in the Spirit Wear Store.

Since no dress code can address every issue, fad, or style that may arise; the final authority for clarifying any issue concerning personal dress and grooming rests with the Administration. In this regard, parents are responsible to send their children to school with correct personal dress and grooming.


NCS has a two racks of uniform clothing on consignment. You are able purchase slightly worn uniform clothing at a discounted price.  We do not have regular sales but if you are in need of some items please check in the elementary office area and someone will help you.

We will publicize the “take in dates” as they are scheduled.