Tuition & Fees


Students applying for grades Jr. K through 12th grades have a registration fee of $175.00 and a testing fee of $50.00. The $225.00 should be included with the application. For students applying for our Pre-Kindergarten program, the application fee is $175. Parents are required to set up a SMART account for billing and payment of the registration fee along with tuition and fees.

Tuition is due July 1, 2018 for Pre-Kindergarten – 12 grades. Monthly payment plans are offered through SMART Tuition Management Company. There is an Administrative Fee of $500 per student added to the monthly payment plans. The 11 monthly payment plan runs from July – May with drafts from your account on the 1st or 15th of the month. There is also a 10 month plan running August – May.

The Student Activity Fees are due by July 1 along with tuition. The fee will be billed on your SMART account. The Activity Fee allows the student admission to all home sporting events (with the exception of tournament and playoff games), and two drama productions per year. The Activity Fee is for core classes and includes workbooks, field trips, class t-shirts for elementary, class dues for 7-12, etc. These fees must be paid by the first day of school.


Grade Level 2018-2019 Tuition Student Activity Fee
(3-years-old by August 1; tuition includes before and after care, when school is in session)
Academic Program
$6,500 $89
Junior Kindergarten
(4-years-old by August 1)
Academic Program
Full-day program – 8:15 am – 3:00 pm
$7,375 $107
Senior Kindergarten
(5-years-old by August 1)
Academic Program
Full-day – 8:15 am – 3:00 pm
$7,525 $117
Pre-First Grade $8,095 $113
Grades 1 – 3 $8,095 $118
Grade 4 $8,095 $113
Grade 5 $8,095 $169
Grades 6 $8,095 $250
Grade 7 $9,075 $143
Grade 8 $9,075 $163
Grades 9 $9,675 $153
Grades 10 $9,675 $368
Grades 11 $9,675 $146
Grades 12 $9,675 $348
REACH 1 – 6 $9,675 same as grade above
REACH 7 – 8 $10,195 same as grade above
REACH 9 – 12 $10,350 same as grade above

Tuition includes all non-consumable textbooks.

A 25% discount is offered for the third child and each addition child in grades PK – 12.




Monday – Friday

7:00 am – 8:05 am before care available

3:00 pm – 6:00 pm after care available

2:30 pm – 6:00 pm on Wednesday

Fees – regular school session dates for student in JK-6th

Below are the options for NCS TrojanCare:

Full-Time Before Care (3-5 days per week)      $880 per year=10 payments of $88

Full-Time After Care (3-5 days per week)       $2640 per year-10 payments of $264

Full-Time Before and After Care (3-5 days per week)   $2820 per year=10 payments of $282

Part-Time (2 days max per week)                $25 per day

Fees are payable only through the SMART payment plan effective for the 2017-2018 school year.  SMART drafts your account on a pre-selected day (1st or 15th) for the payment amount.  You receive notification from the company prior to the draft each month.  With SMART tuition accounts, a parent has an option to make payments before the due date.


Payment Options

SMART one-time payment plan due August 8, 2018.

SMART monthly payment plan (10 payments).

Part-Time TrojanCare Students – The part-time TrojanCare students are billed through SMART tuition account at the end of each month for days attended.


Holiday Care for student in grades PK-6th grade – If your child attends holiday care please bring a lunch. There must be a minimum of 10 students per day in order for us to offer this service.  Reservations must be made for staffing purposes.  Payment is required for all days reserved. The weekly rate is $160. The daily rate is $40 per day.

TrojanCare will extend services on all half-day dismissals with no additional charge.

Below are the dates that would come under the Holiday Care price format:

Parent/Teacher Conference          September 7

Fall Break                         October 8-9

Teacher Professional Growth        November 5

Thanksgiving                       November 19, 20, 21

*Christmas                         December 19, 20, 21, 26, 27, 28, 29, 31

Teacher Inservice                  January 2

Martin Luther King                 January 21

Parent/Teacher Conf. and Professional Growth  January 25

Presidents’ Day                    February 25

*Spring Break                      March 11 – 15

Easter                             April 20


Student HolidaysTrojanCare is not open on school holidays unless otherwise noted for “Holiday Care”. Other days may be scheduled by administration. Prior notice will be given.

Labor Day                          September 4

Thanksgiving                       November 21, 22, 23

Christmas                          December 24, 25

New Year’s                         January 1

Easter                             April 19

 TrojanCare Policies

TrojanCare dismisses promptly at 6:00 pm each day.  There is a late fee of $1 per minute after 6:00 pm.

Always contact the Enrichment Center if you have problems with pick-up times at 662-349-5030.

Accounts 30 days past due will not be allowed to attend TrojanCare.

TrojanCare will not prorate for vacation, half days or sick days.

TrojanCare will exercise reasonable care and judgment in all matters related to the welfare and safety of the child.

In case of an accident or illness, the aftercare staff will promptly take reasonable measures that are in the best interest of the child and will notify the parents as soon as possible.

TrojanCare will release the child to anyone on the child’s student information provided in the enrollment contract or by written permission from the parent.