Guidance Counseling

The guidance counselor provides practical assistance to students, teachers and parents throughout the student’s K-8 academic career at Northpoint Christian School. Rhonda Whiting is the elementary guidance counselor. The counselor works closely with students, teachers and parents to ensure that student needs are addressed. The counselor is available to guide each student through decision-making processes that affect their future academically, socially, and spiritually.

Northpoint Christian School desires to foster in students a reliance on Scripture and Christian principles as their guide and on God as their support as they learn to understand concepts, live in harmony with others, and find God’s purpose for their lives. As needs are identified, the counselor is available for students at these levels on an individual basis and works closely with their parents and teachers. A referral system is available to assist in identifying possible learning difficulties. Maintaining records and coordinating achievement testing are also a part of the guidance program.

The counselor conducts scheduled classroom guidance classes on a bi-weekly basis in grades four through six. Areas of personal, social and academic development are explored, and these group sessions give the counselor and students the opportunity to develop a rapport. As students prepare to enter seventh grade, guidance is provided in course choice and emphasis placed on principles and skills needed for success as they become more independent.