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Getting Started Guide for Students

Getting Started Guide for Parents

Northpoint Christian School believes that responsible use of technology as an integral part of the education process is strongly tied to our mission in preparing students to “grow in knowledge and wisdom” and “reach their God-given potential”

Adequate access to and appropriate use of technology makes learning relevant and provides additional ways to address and capitalize on students’ individual learning styles. As part of our mission to prepare students for college, we believe that technology enhances critical thinking and creativity while providing avenues for communication that were not previously possible. By our use of technology in the educational process, we are committed to making our students proficient in the following areas: information literacy, creativity/innovation, collaboration, problem solving, and communication.

With the ever-changing landscape of technology in today’s world, we are also committed to developing students who are good digital citizens. We want to provide a view of digital citizenship that is steeped in Biblical knowledge and truth. Digital citizenship is not only taught as part of the computer class curriculum but also infused throughout the curriculum and modeled by faculty and staff.

While at school, students and teachers use the AR lab, high school computer lab, laptop carts, iPad carts, and Chromebook carts. Enrichment center and 1st grade classrooms are equipped with 3-4 iPads per class. Students in high school are allowed and encouraged to bring their own device to use at school for educational purposes. Students use available school technology and their personal devices daily to complete classroom assignments, homework, and research projects.

All students must complete an online Computer Use Policy to access the computers throughout the school. Click on the link below, complete the form and submit.

Computer Acceptable Use & Mobile Device Policy

If a student in 7th-12th grade would like to bring a personal device like a laptop or tablet (not including any type of smart phone or cell phone) You must bring the device to the main high school office for the technology department to check.