Graduation Requirements

Academic Diploma:
A minimum of twenty-four (24) units is required for graduation with an Academic Diploma. These shall include the following:

Graduation Requirements
English (4 units)
Mathematics (4 units)
Sciene (4 units)
Social Studies (4 units)
Fine Arts (1 unit)
Foreign Language (2 units)
Bible (2 units)
Physical Education (1/2 unit)
Computer Application (1/2 unit)
Electives (2 units)
Total for Graduation is 24 units.

Northpoint Christian School Honor Graduates must meet both curriculum and grade point average requirements.

CURRICULUM REQUIREMENTS: Students must meet all of the requirements as listed above for an Academic Diploma. However, the MATHEMATICS units must be Algebra I and above, and the SCIENCE units must be Biology and above. Two units of a single foreign language are also required. A student must have taken a minimum of four Honors courses in grades 9 – 12 to be an Honor Graduate.